Cloud computing has firmly entrenched its place beyond a trending buzzword to a fundamental and perennial fixture in any organisation's technology strategy. It is the intention of this blog to remove ambiguity around a number of cloud technologies covering the entire stack through delivery of detailed how-to guides, product blurbs and all the latest curated news from the world of cloud.

New Two-Stage Rate Limiting with NGINX Plus

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When designing HTTP servers, we want to enforce robust security measures so long as it’s not at the expense of user experience; two-stage rate-limiting let’s us fine-tune our configuration for the optimal balance.

Infrastructure-as-Code: Securely Testing the CD/CI Pipeline

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Continuous delivery pipelines have become a mainstream component of software release cycles. However, automated pipeline testing to infrastructure code still remains widely misunderstood.

Publishing Service APIs with MuleSoft

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It’s now imperative for organisations to seize the opportunities of participating in the API economy. MuleSoft provides an all-in-one platform to handle the entire life-cycle of APIs, from design to maintenance.

Writing Custom Ansible Modules Integrating Redfish APIs

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In a cloud arena that is increasingly becoming more multi-vendor and hyper-converged, the need to offer a platform-agnostic tooling set is becoming more vital.

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